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8 Track Fridays is about playing the Music that you Listened to as it went Mobile in your Car. The Mustang, one of the first cars to have 8-Track Players which was Developed by William Lear of Lear jets.

Columbia Tape Club secured 8-Track special editions just to the club members that were never issued to the general public and are still great sets of music of Rock groups or Stars that is the only way to acquire these sets of music .

Headphone Saturday Nights is Music that is meant to be Listen to with Headphones. Koss headphones were the coveted headphones of the day.

Tuesday Afternoon Artist

Sept. 14th from 1 to 4 PM CST ACDC

Sept.21th from 1 to 4 PM CST Traffic

Sept.28th from 1 to 4 PM CST Bad Company

Oct.5th from 1 to 4 PM CST Blind Faith

Oct. 12th from 1 to 4 PM CST Humble Pie

Oct.19th from 1 to 4 PM CST Alice Cooper

Oct. 26th from 1 to 4 PM CST Spirit

8-Track Fridays & Headphone Sat Nites

On Sept. 17th Starting at 7PM CST we play Whos Next and at 12 Midnite -Who are You

On Sept. 24th Starting at 7PM CST we play Bad Company and at 12 Midnite -Run with the Pack

On Oct 1st Starting at 7PM CST we play Bad Company and at 12 Midnite -Run with the Pack

On Oct. 8th Starting at 7PM CST we play Damn the Torpedo's and at 12 Midnite -Free

On Oct.15th Starting at 7PM CST we play The Kinks and at 12 Midnite -Fly Like an Eagle

On Oct.22nd Starting at 7PM CST we play Miracles and at 12 Midnite -Crime of the Century

On Oct.29th Starting at 7PM CST we play Spirit and at 12 Midnite Alice Cooper

Fantasy Park was an Music Festival that was completely created in studio to simulate a Woodstock type 3 Day Concert with announcers of the acts and also to the audience as if it is happening before their eyes. The use of audience sounds as if each act came to the imaginary stage and played before them. It was played on over 200 radio stations in 1975 and 1976. It was very successful. It was created at KNUS, Dallas. Producer Steven Blackson and Host Fred Kennedy with Rod Serling (Twilite Zone, Night Gallery) was the moderator on the hour to say the Fantasy Park concert the best concert that never happened. The Chicago broadcast WDAI (now WLS-FM) edited out allot of Serlings announcements with local comment or Serlings announcements not played at all. I myself Spent 2 plus days recording it on Reel To Reel (12 Reel to Reels- both sides-Speed 3.75) which I still have today. I was contacted by Director Rachel Mills who is directing a short documentary about Fantasy Park and was looking for a copy of Fantasy Park because the creators of Fantasy Park did not have a copy of it. I chose not to give it to them because the offer was a foot note in the documentary. I'm hoping she has better handle on what Fantasy Park is and what it really physically occupies now that she said she has found a copy. Hopefully not a second generation copy. Look for the documentary 2020 as is the 45th anniversary of Fantasy Park. We will be playing Fantasy Park when the documentary on Fantasy Park is aired, and as we have in the past, the 46th anniversary 2021 as years in the past. This radio station's goal is to provide the best music ever produced,

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Our Station plays Album sides and full albums all day everyday because we feel the album concept is deeply ingrained and we want to keep that in our playing of the best rock ever created.

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