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We believe it is our duty to keep the earths environment as natural as possible and recycle everything that is possible. So to have the best environment to create and play the best music in the world.

Our new Goal is to purchase a small herd of Buffalo (at least 5or 6) we already have the money for it. We want the Buffalo to be put on grasslands set aside in Illinois to reestablish Buffalo in America as original prairie residents. All we need is a place they can go and be back as a part Illinois wildlife. Contact us if you know of a place our Buffalo can go. Info where our Buffalo can roam

We contacted the Lake county Forest Preserve and they suggested try Fermi Lab as they have had Buffalo on their property since the 60's

We contacted the Fermi Lab and they asked us why we were contacting them.

We tried to enlist PBS help in locating a place for our Buffalo when they sent out their donation E-mail to raise money for their station but no response.

We have not heard anything from PBS yet.

We contacted Ken Burns via his Web Site.

We have heard from Ken Burns and he suggested contacting Nature Conservancy of Illinois as they were highlighted on the Buffalo documentary.

So we E-Mail the Nature Conservancy of Illinois this week

We heard from Illinois Nature Conservancy on Buffalo this last week. The person who called me seemed to be a nice guy but not really prepared as he seemed like he treated me like I was just a tourist asking questions on a tour of of the facility. He did not really seem to know much about me or what I was contacting them for. It was something of a cold sales call atmosphere, like he was voted to return my call. Once I told him why I contacted them, which I had put in my E-Mail, he seemed to come around and the fact I was serious about putting Buffalo back on Illinois Prairie it went better. I told him about possible thoughts of locations and the possible use Land Fills as possible Buffalo repopulation areas. He seemed he wanted for me to put my Buffalo and money with the Nature Conservancy facility by Dixon Illinois where he is .He seemed to try to scare me with the costs of trying to do any thing else. Including trying to make my LandFill idea bad. He also said there was no Native america area in Illinois were this placement of Buffalo could occur. I said if that is the case, I want come see your facility there, when is the best time. He said that is in June or July, it seemed odd he didn't say right away, I would of went down this weekend, but hey maybe they spruce up the place for visitors. Yes you hear a little sarcastic tone but the guy had not did the basic research on me or my station, he did not go to my station or any other of my sites.. I myself if someone wanted to help in restoring the prairie with Buffalo I would be doing my research on them by giving all the info and ideas possible to help them make it happen. I will go down to the Nature Conservancy, but show up sooner. No worries they probability won't go to our site even though I suggested it. At the end of the call. I asked if he visited any my web sites, the station or others, as he said no. He seemed like a OK guy just maybe not the guy to sell the idea of the goals of Nature Conservancy. This just makes me wonder why they would prefer to funnel my efforts to them as to help me expand the locations of Buffalo in Illinois. My effort goes on. But as this response from Nature Conservancy seems a little strange and like they would prefer not to be helpful in my Quest.

I contacted the Water Reclamation Dept. as I thought they may have on some insight on areas that are open and possible suited for a my Buffalo.

The Water Reclamation Dept. contacted me right away and said that they do not have any info areas but said it is great project and good luck. They suggested contacting our Congressman as they have a wealth of contacts, possible help for you.

So the next step is to contact my Congressman and see if they can give me some contacts or ideas on a location for my Buffalo.

PBS keeps sending me requests for donations by E Mail so I respond to them asking for help in finding a location for my Buffalo but no response. Sooner or later someone will point them to our radio station, but for now it is funny they did this big thing on Buffalo with Ken Burns and Ken Burns was nice enough to help with info and PBS has ignored us completely.

The Things we do as a Radio Station to be as green as possible.

Our Radio Station is run by One Laptop and the Music resides on a 4 Laptop network which each laptop is the specific source of either LP, 8-Track, Cassette or Reel to Reel conversion to wave.

The 8-Track Player we use to play and convert the music (Inline to Computer) is a Refurbished one that is 40 plus years old.

We also stream live the Music of the Rock Stars when we are converting an 8 Track to a Digital

We search high and low for old Albums, 8-Track tapes, Cassette tapes and especially Reel to Reel tapes and convert to digital as not to purchase new if any way possible.

We recycle as much as possible from dropping off electronics, batteries, appliances, light bulbs, and computers to our local recycling station.

We choose as local and organic and products as green as possible in every decision.

We have gone paperless.

We grow a good part of our fruit and vegees and you can see our progress at Have Compost Will Garden

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