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We believe it is our duty to keep the earths environment as natural as possible and recycle everything that is possible. So to have the best environment to create and play the best music in the world.

The Things we do as a Radio Station to be as green as possible.

Our Radio Station is run by One Laptop and the Music resides on a 4 Laptop network which each laptop is the specific source of either LP, 8-Track, Cassette or Reel to Reel conversion to wave.

The 8-Track Player we use to play and convert the music (Inline to Computer) is a Refurbished one that is 40 plus years old.

We also stream live the Music of the Rock Stars when we are converting an 8 Track to a Digital

We search high and low for old Albums, 8-Track tapes, Cassette tapes and especially Reel to Reel tapes and convert to digital as not to purchase new if any way possible.

We recycle as much as possible from dropping off electronics, batteries, appliances, light bulbs, and computers to our local recycler.

We choose as local and organic and products as green as possible in every decision.

We have gone paperless.

We grow a good part of our fruit and vegees and you can see our progress at Have Compost Will Garden

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